WeBWorK Help: Units

Units Available in WeBWorK

Some WeBWorK problems ask for answers with units. Below is a list of basic units and how they need to be abbreviated in WeBWorK answers. In some problems, you may need to combine units (e.g, velocity might be in ft/s for feet per second).

Unit Abbreviation
Seconds s
Minutes min
Hours hr
Days day
Years year
Milliseconds ms
Feet ft
Inches in
Miles mi
Meters m
Centimeters cm
Millimeters mm
Kilometers km
Angstroms A
Light years light-year
Grams g
Kilograms kg
Slugs slug
Liters L
Cubic Centimeters cc
Milliliters ml
Newtons N
Dynes dyne
Pounds lb
Tons ton
Joules J
kilo Joule kJ
ergs erg
foot pounds lbf
calories cal
kilo calories kcal
electron volts eV
kilo Watt hours kWh